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The success of a business is eventually about relationships, and most of the business relationships are based on contracts. However it doesn’t mean that all good business people know when they need a formal agreement or understand all the gradation of contracts that must be measured for their own defense. In todays world the simple contract has become increasingly complex and time consuming in terms of protection and bring your business successful in the long term.

We at KBM can offer you with our Contract and Agreement Drafting services that will support you to manage your competitive edge without high paying high legal fees and contract management costs. Our highly experienced and skilled team can manage the whole process of your regular contracts. Our Contract and Agreement Drafting service offering is customized to your exact needs and includes the drafting, management and review of your crucial corporate contracts.

We manage all characteristics of business formation and offer a full range of contract drafting, review and negotiating services. KBM accountancy is here to support, define your real needs, answer your questions, spot potential problems and protect you with contracts such as

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Leases
  • Vendor agreements

Awesome Features

  • Real Time Update

    We endeavor to keep our clients informed about all the latest developments taking place especially in taxation and compliance matter which help them remain adoptive to changes at all time and in hassle free manner.

  • Online Accounting Solutions

    Through our dedicated and well experienced team of experts, we offer high quality, reliable and secure business information systems that not only cater financial needs of businesses in Pakistan as well as other information needs in areas such as human resource, business administration and in assessing business performance through up to date reports. We provide automotive solution that specifically caters to Pakistani tax and regulatory environment.More

  • International Business Advice

    Having a team of international professionals with diverse and versatile experience has enabled us to effectively help our clients look beyond their traditional operational environment and explore new horizons of international market that contributes to their business success and expansion. We mainly cater businesses seeking investment opportunities in United Kingdom and UAE.

  • One Window Solution

    KBM as a one window solution offers to serve most of the business operational needs pertaining to financial services, information technology solution, International investment opportunities and Training and Recruitment Services. More

  • Referral & Multi-service Incentives

    Client can avail our unique multi-service packages that will results in amazing cost reduction of up to 30 % in addition to receiving substantial operating efficiency in dealing with single service provider satisfying many of business contemporary needs. We also provide attractive incentives to our existing customers for referring any new business as we believe in sharing the benefits accruing from economy of scale with our customers. You must check our Group page offering comprehensive insight into range of services covered.