About Us

Journey of KBM

KBM Accountants is a branch of KBM Group and a fast growing organization whose main field of expertise is in the education & training sector. It provides a range of services including Accountancy & Business Advisory and Online Advertising & Marketing‚ Education & Immigration Consultancy‚ Training & Job recruitment‚.

KBM Group established in 1987 as an accountancy practice. At the inception‚ KBM was only offering business and accountancy services for those who need to manage their business in London. As the time passes KBM has constantly improved their vision‚ expertise and technology as the market trends change. The primary objective of KBM is to expand its presence in the UK market‚ so KBM has launched different offices in various cities of UK. KBM has acquired R.J Blow & Company in 2009 and incorporated it into the KBM group and now it has been titled as ″KBMR.J Blow & Company Certified Charted Accountants & Registered Auditors″.

In June 2009‚ KBM consultant was successfully initiated with few universities on their panel. In the beginning they were solely Education & Immigration Consultants UK as the time passes the venture spread its roots across the globe in other countries like Sweden‚ Australia‚ Canada‚ USA and South Africa. The company is registered with the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan as a Private Limited company and is a registered member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industries. KBM Consultants are an official partner of British Council IELTS partnership program as well.

KBM Training and Recruitment offer high quality and intensive training appropriate for all skill levels - from new competitors in the Accounting industry for professionals. This project was initiated in 2010‚ providing specialist Accountancy recruitment services for the permanent‚ contract and temporary market.

KBM LSABS (London School of Accountancy & Business Studies) provides quality education and assistance in accountancy education and business study. The qualifications KBM Group offer in KBM LSABS (London School of Accountancy and Business Studies) is internationally recognized and highly desired in the world's job market.

The KBM Media Solution is another successful project of KBM Group‚ specialized in website development‚ custom software development‚ E-Commerce solution‚ business optimization‚ Internet Marketing and Media solutions which are core requirements of the modern business sector around the globe.

KBM has successfully expanded their business and started other projects such as the Employee Able Students Society‚ KBM British School of English and KBM Tutors.

Recently KBM has established their office in Pakistan and offering accounts and audit services in the local market. Now KBM plans to expand their business by opening up an office in Dubai and Ireland.

Awesome Features

  • Real Time Update

    We endeavor to keep our clients informed about all the latest developments taking place especially in taxation and compliance matter which help them remain adoptive to changes at all time and in hassle free manner.

  • Online Accounting Solutions

    Through our dedicated and well experienced team of experts, we offer high quality, reliable and secure business information systems that not only cater financial needs of businesses in Pakistan as well as other information needs in areas such as human resource, business administration and in assessing business performance through up to date reports. We provide automotive solution that specifically caters to Pakistani tax and regulatory environment.More

  • International Business Advice

    Having a team of international professionals with diverse and versatile experience has enabled us to effectively help our clients look beyond their traditional operational environment and explore new horizons of international market that contributes to their business success and expansion. We mainly cater businesses seeking investment opportunities in United Kingdom and UAE.

  • One Window Solution

    KBM as a one window solution offers to serve most of the business operational needs pertaining to financial services, information technology solution, International investment opportunities and Training and Recruitment Services. More

  • Referral & Multi-service Incentives

    Client can avail our unique multi-service packages that will results in amazing cost reduction of up to 30 % in addition to receiving substantial operating efficiency in dealing with single service provider satisfying many of business contemporary needs. We also provide attractive incentives to our existing customers for referring any new business as we believe in sharing the benefits accruing from economy of scale with our customers. You must check our Group page offering comprehensive insight into range of services covered.